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Estee Soto

Date Published: 2021-08-16


The single biggest reason most people buy a home is the simple desire to own a home of their own. At the same time, homeowners accumulate wealth for the future while enjoying the benefits of a residence that they can use, improve and enjoy. What’s different is each individual’s wishlist of essentials; from public transportation to the number of bedrooms, we can help you create a comprehensive list and go from there.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What's the Right Home For You? 
2. Looking for a house to buy or rent? 
3. How Much Can You Afford? Review your income, savings, and debt to figure out how much home you can afford.
4. Know Your Neighborhood? Evaluating a neighborhood and surrounding areas thoroughly is essential.
5. Already Have a Home?
Buying a home while selling an existing home has its own set of considerations; this section provides expert buying advice and can help you navigate these challenges successfully.

Shopping for a Home..?
I can help you shop for a home, compare homes, and compile your unique wishlist to find the perfect home for you.

Buying a home is a significant and exciting decision. This section provides professional real estate advice and helpful home buying tips.

First Steps

The Internet and real estate professionals are the top two resources most buyers turn to when searching for a home. 

As an agent I am ready to make a full-time commitment to help you capitalize on current market opportunities and assist you in making an informed decision.

To ensure you make the right choice for the long term, I offer extensive knowledge in:

• Neighborhoods, schools, and market conditions
• Mortgage specialists who can assist you with your financing
• Technology that gives them an edge, along with multiple resources available just for you on

Finding the right real estate agent can make you a savvy consumer and improve your overall experience.


What happens after you close on your house?  we at Premier Elite Realty continue to provide guidance after the sale is completed.
The home inspection is an important step in the buying process.  This section offers helpful information that can help to avoid potential problems after the purchase is complete.
This section explains how homeowners’ insurance protects your interests in the event of natural disasters and catastrophic events.
Timeline and Paperwork
In the home buying process, ownership of the home is officially transferred to you at the closing meeting. Know what to expect when you close on your new home.
Moving In? Our home moving checklist can help you make your move much easier. Click here and read or Home Moving Checklist

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When you sell or buy a house you will find and even work with different people who, in addition, will have different tasks within the organization. Although the objectives of these professionals are similar, they have differences:

There are several expenses associated with buying a house. When making the decision to buy a house it is important that you know and take into account all the charges that you will have to pay.

The payment method to use for the purchase of a property will depend on the amount of money you have available to invest, as well as your credit reputation. The budget you have will help you choose the area, the type of land and the dimensions of your new property.

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